April Family Update

When Alex told me we were moving to Arkansas I was furious. Why Arkansas? What's in there? ... and that was also the usual reaction I would get from every person who asked me, where we would be moving after college.

My in-laws and close family members kept telling me I would end up loving it, but I was determined to hate it. Thank goodness they were right and I ended up loving it here. We were meant to move here, and grow as a family, and meet the amazing friends we now know, and see for ourselves how wonderful Arkansas is.

This community is amazing for families and they have a lot of fun events going on every week. One of those events we love is called First Friday. The first Friday of each month -during the warmer seasons-  lots of vendors and food trucks get together at the Bentonville's square. You can find food, games, contests, music, etc.

On this April's First Friday, there was a cultural show where people from all over the world -who live here,- share some music and performances representing their countries. I was so happy to listen to some Mariachis from Mexico! I love rancheras and Thomas was mesmerized with their show -proud mommy moment.-

Tommy's favorite part: Getting a free balloon every time we go 

Also, this month my friend Shelbie and I participated in one the many Easter egg hunts in the area. We had so much fun with our kids, while our husbands were busy with some meetings. I love Shelbie, she is my best friend here and our little ones are best buddies too. We went to the same college and our husbands had the same major, yet we never met until both of us moved here.

Good friends are a real blessing and I am lucky enough to have friends here that are positive, humble, kind, strong and who always help us have a blast! #luckygirl

Fun fact: Thomas had not clue about what was going on when the hunt started. He started picking eggs before the kids were allowed to, but once the real deal started he thought he was being chased, so he just ran and ran, without picking anything!!!It was hilarious!!! I guess we will have to wait until next year to see if he enjoys it better.



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