Cartagena Colombia

We loved our time in Cartagena last December. We took a million pictures with my phone, since it was easier to carry around than my camera. However, I had to learn a lesson about backing up photos, in a really cruel way... My phone had some unexpected issues and 98% of the photos from this part of our trip were lost.

I was able to save some pictures from the messages we sent to our parents and whatever we shared on social media, but that is not even a third part of all the photos we took! Plus the quality of the pictures when you download them from Facebook or Instagram is not great :( So there will be not photo albums or prints of this trip. It was sad but at least we got some beautiful memories of Tommy's first time in the ocean and Alex's first time in Colombia... Maybe we just need to use the lost photos as a excuse to go back!

We stayed in the Laguito- Bocagrande area of Cartagena. Our apartment was one block away from the beach and we were in almost the top floor, so we had an amazing view... too bad I can't look for too long or I would get sick - I am extremely afraid of highs.-

As soon as we got set in our apartment we changed and went straight to the beach. Tommy wasn't afraid of the ocean at all. He definitely takes after me, because he loves the water -my little fishy.- We had to be careful because we would start walking way too far in water, so I guess I was the scared one.  

That night we visited La Ciudad Amurallada, which is the old part of the city. This part of the city is a gem. It has so much history, colors, beautiful architecture and many places to eat at or shop. There are also some museums and cathedrals, and sometimes there would be street shows portraying typical music or dances from the region. 

Since it is so beautiful we decided to come back during the day, so I could take more pictures -it is a total photographer's dream- and see all the colors and places with better light. Sadly, there are not pictures from that day.

One of the things we loved the most was eating out. We seriously we had fresh Maracuya (real passion fruit) juice every day, and we had to compete with Thomas to drink it, because he loves it! 

Our favorite place to eat at was Crepes and Waffles, that restaurant has the most delicious food and deserts. Alex is very complicated with food, so this place was the perfect middle point of traditional colombian flavors, and american-ish plates for the picky boy.  

This restaurant's atmosphere is dreamy and everything from the building's architecture, to the beautiful way their plates are served is amazing. Plus their prices are not expensive at all. Seriously, my mouth is melting just by writing this post and looking at the Curuba+Uchuva ice cream on that photo below. I really wish someone open up a Crepes and Waffles in the U.S.!!!

Another place we visited was Playa Blanca in Baru, an island close to Bocagrande, with clear water and white beaches. We spend an entire day there and we had so-much-fun! The waves in this beach are huge and super strong, so they are super fun to play in. -Poor Tommy had his eyes irritated from all the salt water from the waves splashing on his face.-

We tried to ride a waverunner  all together, but Thomas freaked out when we were further from the beach and wanted to jump off of the thing. That was one big scary moment! So Alex took us back and had fun by himself  #notfair. 

We loved our time there and for our first international trip as a family we did pretty well. Traveling with kids is not easy at all, but I love sharing so many beautiful experiences together. It brings us closer and creates special memories for each one of us.  

Cartagena is a very popular destionation for national and international travelers, and I promise you is worth it to visit it. There is so much history and culture to see there! So, if you are planing on visiting this city or somewhere else in Colombia any time soon, let me know and I would love to give you some tips and recommendations. 


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