Jumper Dress

Ever since I saw this jumper dress I fell in love with it. I love clothing but to be honest I don't always love shopping. I hate the overwhelming feeling of big stores with loads of products to see. I think that is why I am more into online shopping nowadays. 

However, online shopping is still a new field for me and I haven't been too lucky with my orders. When I ordered this dress, there was a side  saying the fabric did not have a lot of stretch, and that you should size up. I took the measurements of my hips and waist  and surprisingly according to the size charts I should order a large size. I am so short and petite that large sounded wrong, but I still followed the chart. 

I waited for the mail to come with such excitement for my package. I was like a little kid waiting to open a Christmas present... but the disappointment was huge when I tried on the dress and oh not-so-surprise: the dress was huge on me!

I was so sad because the dress was beautiful but too big. I don't like returning things because it takes time I don't have, but I said I'll do it because I really wanted this dress. Well, I never got around with the return and the deadline to send it back passed. But I was determined to make this dress work!

My amazing mother in-law gave me a great sewing machine for Christmas a couple of years ago. I don't use it too often, but oh boy, I was so glad to have it around. And those sewing classes from college came in handy! It took me around 6 hours but I fixed it  #feelingproudofmyself!

This dress is one of those basic pieces that would help you create a lot of different outfits, for all the seasons. From the pictures on the online store I thought the fabric was more cold seasons, but when you see the dress in person, you realize it is perfect for all year long. (Have I used the word perfect too many times already?)

I highly recommend this dress if you are looking for a versatile piece and wanting to look gorgeous and effortless. The store didn't lie when they said this dress would get you all the compliments, in their product description.  

Hope you like it as much as I do... because you will be seeing it more here hahaha! 

Thank you for stopping by,


p.s. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 

Dress: Piper&Scoot
Top: Gap (similar style)
Shoes: Steve Madden
Photo Credit: Priya Lomate


  1. Me encanta el vestido, la manera en que lo usas con esa blusa blanca se ve hermoso. Te quedo perfecto !!!! No es ni muy largo y con esos zapatos se ve perfecto ! Sabes que más colores tenían ? Tu blog es muy Chevere Eli ! Abrazos ❤🙌

    1. Gracias Vivi! En ese estilo solo tenian en ese color, pero voy a buscar otras paginas para hacer un post con mas opciones similares!

  2. This jumper looks so cute. I'm impressed that you were able to size it down! I'm horrid at sewing.
    The tee you wore underneath is what I'm obsessed with though. It's so pretty!
    - Ana Luiza
    Northwest Blonde

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I was surprised too! I took a couple of sewing classes in college but definitely I was never the expert. The alterations I made were minimal but fixing this dress got me into the sewing mood again! I tried to find that same shirt but it wasn't available online :(

  3. So cute!! I always love your pictures, bello como te quedo Eli, y Tomas hermoso!