A Big Family: Happy Mother's Day

I grew up in a very small family. I only have one sister and we are not very close to our parent's relatives. I always wanted to have a big family,with lots of siblings and cousins, aunts and uncles around. I wanted Christmas's and birthdays, family reunions and vacations filled with a huge group of people having fun together. I wanted so bad that feeling of belonging to a great clan.

When I first met Alex one of the things that I loved the most about dating him, was his family and the relationships and love they have for each other. He is the oldest of five kids, and his parents come from families of five and ten kids. It is a huge group and when they get together, they have the time of their lives! They are adventurous, hilarious, loving and just really good people in general. -No, they are not perfect, but they are my kind of perfect.-

So when we got married becoming part of the family was an very welcomed extra bonus! I love when the whole family gets together. I love having the brothers I never had and a new sister. I am grateful for being part of them and I feel responsible for continuing the legacy of this family.

This little introduction about our families was to help explain why I want to have more than one or two children. In fact, I would love to have at least five of my own. -Did you have your eyes wide open when you read that? Most people do when they asked me about it, and I give them that answer.

I have been directly and indirectly criticized and questioned about it. Apparently, to many it is difficult to understand why you would want to have more than one child, or even have children at all. I haven been also questioned about my decision of staying at home with my child, instead of working full time. But you are so young? You are going to spend your life changing diapers! What about your career?

To all of those questions I always patiently explain that I want my Thomas to have siblings and the family and memories I wanted for myself. I also explain that I want to be part of my baby's life as much as I can, and since I have the blessing of being able to stay at home with him, I don't feel the need of working outside and putting him in a daycare. I enjoy spending time with him and watching him grow. I enjoy being at home.

I do also find ways to do some work from home, so I can fulfill my personal goals and use my creative mind. Every person, especially moms need some "me" time. It is not always easy. Being at home with children carries a whole lot of work, but I like being available to my child all the time.

I am not saying it is wrong to have one or two children only. I am not saying that moms that work outside of the house are not doing their job right. I respect and admire those hardworking mothers that have to manage all the pressure and responsibilities from their roles at home and at work, and still do such a fantastic job! I can't imagine the sacrifice of leaving your child because you have other important demands to meet.

I don't want to offend, diminish or hurt anyone's feelings. I just wanted to write this post about me, and my decisions, my personal experience, and how much I wish the efforts of stay-at-home moms, and the desire of people to raise families was better understood and appreciated it.

Yes, my house is full with noise and toys. Yes, we don't sleep the same, eat the same or have the same freedom that we had before Thomas. Yes our life is different, BUT it is better. As one of my friends said recently in a post about her son and her fiance: "We are parents and we are young, we haven't stop being young because we are parents, and we are not bad parents because we are young."

I couldn't agree more with her. Parenthood changes you, but it doesn't take away all of you. Instead it brings out the best of you. Our life is busier and we have to plan better when we want to travel, go on a date, or even get out of the house on time. But our life is happier, our marriage is stronger, my admiration for my mother and my mother-in-law is greater, and my empathy towards other women is greater.

Being a mother has been the best, yet most challenging role of my life and I love it. I would not trade my life with my little boy for anything. I am grateful that such a sweet and spunky child was sent to us.

I want to wish an early Happy Mother's Day to all of my fellow super moms out there who are strong, loving, patient, and hardworking. Motherhood gave us super powers!!!

May we love and lift up each other because at least in this role we are all facing the same fears and challenges, and we have more in common than we think.

-These are only a few of the amazing women and moms I know and I love, and I wanted to give them a big THANK YOU for their love, support and example!!! I am grateful to have them in my life ♥-

Please share with me your thoughts about motherhood or if you have children, how becoming a mom has changed your life. I would love to read it!



  1. Love this post♡ You are the sweetest momma to Thomas. Your post reminded me of a quote I read recently from Mother Teresa. She said, "saying there are too many children is like saying there are too many flowers." Children bring so much joy and happiness into the world. Love you!

  2. That is a sweet quote! Love you Shelbie!!!