We decided earlier this year to visit Boston. Alex had been there before but it was my first time visiting one of the main touristic/historical places in the country. I have been living in the States for about seven years, but all the money I saved went directly to pay college, so I never really had the change of traveling much before.

I love that now that we graduated college we try to travel more and learn from every place we visit. Boston was a special place for learning. There is so much history and cultural heritage in this city. I loved the architecture,the many options for food and entertainment that the city offers. 

Our friends from college, Bonnie and James joined us with their little baby. It was fun to have four adults with two kids strolling around. It had over a year since the last time we saw them, and it was great to get together again. 

I truly believe that when you have good friends with whom you can be yourself, not matter how much time you spend apart, once you see each other again, everything is back to normal and it is like you or them never left. 

Our visit basically went like this:

Day 1: Arrived, ate Colombian food and walked around the beach. It was sunny but windy and a little cold. 

Day 2: Freedom trail walk. Beautiful but very long walk! Lots of stops for pictures and history lessons. My friend Bonnie loves history and it was special to see her so immerse in every stop of the trail. We tried to walk slow to listen to the tour guides for free (ha!) and we actually learned a couple of cool details about the city. The weather was nice, sunny day and lots of cold wind. It was perfect weather for the long walk. 


Day 3: Not the best weather for vacation! It was raining pretty much the whole day and it was so cold. We went to Cambridge to visit the MIT and Harvard campus. Cambridge is beautiful and walking in Harvard, was like walking in the middle of a Harry Potter movie-set: Magical. 

I wish we could have explored more but that weather and two little children didn't allow us, and that made me a little grumpy! But thankfully we found a super cute Mexican restaurant to eat and celebrate Cinco de Mayo. That made the whole grey day better. 

Day 4: Went back to explore the city. It rained for a little bit but the rest of the day was perfect weather.  We walked through China Town and Little Italy, where we had lunch at an old-famous restaurant called Regina's pizza. 

The farmer's market was going on that morning and it was so amazing! So much fresh food and the best deals. I got this giant grapes for about $2. All these people, with so many accents trying to get your attention... it was so fun for me. I actually think it was one of my  favorite parts of the trip. 

We also visited the aquarium. I think everybody enjoyed that part but it was specially  fun for me and for Tommy. We finished the day with ice-cream and said good bye to our friends. It was time to go home. We had such a fun time and I loved we got to see our friends. 

Side Note: I was annoyed because Alex couldn't take a good picture of me. Then I saw these Asian girls looking all cute and taking pictures of each other. I decided I would ask them for help to take my picture.

They agreed, but as one of them took the picture with my camera, the others were taking pictures with their phones. Now I'm not sure if they were taking pictures of the landscape or of me #embarrassing. If they actually took my picture and shared it in their social media, I imagine they captioned something like this: random weird girl asked for our help, she was desperate for a photo. 

I would love to go back and explore more because it was truly beautiful. If you are thinking about visiting, should should definitely do it. My only advice would be to go during summer, because walking in the cold it's not fun!


( The pictures in this post were edited with Chic.Presets as part of a collaboration. I loved how their presets and brushes helped me find a good balance in the light and color of my pictures.) 

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