May' 17 Family Update

Another month closer to Christmas! -hahaha-  seriously time goes by so fast, but I can't complain because we have some exciting things happening this summer! 

May was a very eventful month for our family.  We were able to visit  Boston and it was a dream! I would definitely not complain if one day we move there for grad school.

Our complex's pool finally opened and it immediately felt like summer! The weather in Arkansas reminds me a lot of the weather in the city I was born - Ibague, Colombia.- It can get a little to hot and  humid  around July, but right now we have perfect weather. 

We are also in tornado season. That part of the weather freaks me out, but I have to say that I truly love the thunder storms. I think they are beautiful. We usually open up the blinds and sit next to the window to watch them as a family. 

With warmer days, we have been able to have more outdoor adventures, and explore more the area. One of the weekends we went out to explore, we discovered a city park with some fun trails and a lake to fish. We ended up having such a fun and unexpected day trip. 

I remember how much I hated the idea of moving to Arkansas when Alex first told me about it.  I never expected to end up loving this place so much. There are so many things to do here, and it is such a family friendly area. I know now that at this point of our lives, we were really meant to move here. 


Another highlight of this month was my little sister's wedding.  I wasn't able to be part of her day and that was such a  sad thing for me. But I am so happy for her and my new brother-in-law. I love to see both sides of our family growing. I'm so glad she found such a great husband, and I am beyond exited to meet him and his family next month!

Photo Credit: Fabiana Beatriz Photo

On the same day of my sister's wedding, one of my primary kids (Preston Gubler) got baptized! I love my church calling, and I absolutely love being part of my kids special day. An even cooler part of this baptism, is that I was able to take the pictures for his announcement. They turned out perfect and we had such a fun time taking them. This is one of my favorite ones. 

For Memorial Weekend we just stayed in town and hang out with our friends and their kids. But don't get me wrong, we had a blast! I love our friends, and I absolutely love that our kids are best friends. We enjoyed a fun afternoon at the splash pad -which let me tell you, that place and ice cream go hand-by- hand with motherhood and toddlers!-

Part one: Adi asking for Tommy's cracker.

Part two: Adi stealing Tommy's cracker hahaha!

Part three:  Extra cracker for everyone. 


We are moving apartments next week -same city- so it is going to be a messy and busy week, but we are ready for this change and excited to live close to our friends and have more play-dates. I hate moving but we will keep moving until the day we settle down and buy a house... which seems far away from now.

I'm so grateful for another month of life spent with my loved ones. We are healthy, we are happy, loving our time in Arkansas, and we are so excited to see our  families next month. 

p.s. All the pictures were taken on different days of the month, but apparently I managed to wear the same shirt every time! What can I say? I love that shirt. It is from J.crew and it was on sale so... #score! You can find it here if you are into stripes like me.



  1. Darling pictures! May was such an adventure... so fun!

    1. I know!!! I just saw this! Oh boy June and July have not disappointed us though. I just need to the monthly review for these months!