The Orange Skirt

Lately, I have been developing a thing for bright colors. I think it is because it is so green and bright here in the summer, that I just feel the need of dressing to match the landscapes. I kind of want to add some pop of color to my basic and neutral wardrobe, and I started by making this bright orange skirt.

Yes, you read right, I made it! After fixing the jumper dress I got excited about using my sewing machine, so now its been about three weeks  and the machine is still on my table, with lots of new fabric next to it. 

But don't worry, if you don't like to sew or don't know how to do it, I did my homework and found some great options for you, and for the best prices! So, if you want to also have a skirt that brightens every space you enter, you can check herehere, here and here. You are welcome!!!

My sandals are from Salt Water. They are old but I live in them because I absolutely love them. My top is also old from Forever 21, but I found some similar ones here and here.  



  1. Me encanta ! Te quedo hermosaaaa !! Quiero unaaaa !

  2. Babe. And I still can't believe you made that! Talent!👌