Dusty Blue

 Dress: I bought it through Jane.com from the
 Pink Pineapple Clothing Company. They sold out this color but
you can buy the same style here, here, and here (all colors are on sale)

I wanted a dress like this for a while. The fabric seemed so comfy, and dress seemed easy to wear during the summer. I know this style was very popular last year, but I took forever to give it a try.  I love the dusty blue color and the soft fabric, the dress is truly beautiful. However, I had a couple issues with it. 

When it first arrived it was way too long, so I had to fix it. Fixing it was a nightmare. This kind of fabric is so hard to sew. It gathers, the needle jumps all the time, and I couldn't seem to find a way to make the hem even. 

So instead of sewing it, I had to come up with a different solution to finish the hem. I  might write about it on another post, for those who want to learn how to fix hems, without a sewing machine or a serger. But pretty much what I did, was to glue the hem with no-sew bonding tape, which you can get at the grocery store. 

Anther problem I had with this dress, is that it sticks a lot to my body -which I don't love, because it is not flattering to my non-existent abs!- So pretty much if you are tall and thin, this dress would look best on you. 

Would I keep wearing it? Yes, totally. I paid for it and I like it! it just won't be on my list of favorite dresses, and will probably would not be part of my closet after this summer. But I know people that love this style, and it looks gorgeous on them. So you can give it a try!

p.s. There is one fun thing about this dress though: It is very photogenic ha!


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