If You Like Piña Colada (non-alcoholic)

We have been going through a crazy heat wave. The last two weeks we have been swimming Every.Single.Day! I am so grateful for having a pool to keep Thomas entertained, and giving us a reason to not complain about the heat.

I know the grass seems to always be greener on the other side. I think this heat is getting boring, but winter will come soon, and I will be wishing for sunshine and pool days. With that on my mind, I decided to have a better attitude and enjoy my present circumstances, with the good and the bugs [inside joke if you live in a humid state.] -There are so many bugs around because of the high humidity ugh!-

So in order to keep my mind away from thinking about buying sweaters for fall... I am been brainstorming ideas for the blog, that can help me and you have a better summer. Thanks to my mother-in-law and her sweet recipe, I bring to you an option to make you look and feel cool, during these warm days: Piña Colada. This beverage will make you feel like you are on a paradisaical beach while you seat by your pool, porch or balcony!

To clarify, I don't drink alcohol, so this recipe is clean and good for all family members. It would only take you a few minutes to prepare, and it is budget friendly!

You Need: 
- 1 Cup of Pineapple (you can use fresh or canned pineapple)
- 1/2 Cup of Coconut Cream 
- 1 Cup of Ice
- Optional for Decoration: Whipping cream and Cherries

Let's Make it: 

- Put the ice, coconut cream and pineapple on the blender and blend on high until ingredients are incorporated. If you think the pineapple's sweet taste is too strong, add a little more of the coconut cream. 
- Serve and decorate with whipping cream and a cherry on top. Drink and enjoy!

Photo Credit: Alex Galbraith/ Vector Graphic from : FreePik

So easy and so good! I really hope you try it and love it as much as we do. If you do, please let me know your honest opinion about it. Stay fresh and remember to use your sunscreen.

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  1. It looks soo good !! Perfect for this hot days thank you !!