What to Wear on Valentines Day: Romantic and Feminine

Outfit Credits and Information: Merrick White from Merrick's Art // Julia Engel  from Gal Meets Glam here and here// Jennifer Lake  from Style Charade

One of my favorite bloggers wrote something on Instagram, about dressing up just because. She said that people nowadays don't really dress up in a regular basis, and that thought was on my mind all day.

I realized that I love dressing up. I really like a good casual outfit, and as a mom of a young kid that is a norm, but I really, really enjoy a pretty dress, a pleated skirt, pretty heels... So I do too, wish that we had the chance of dressing up more often. I also understand that it is not possible to do it all the time, but there are certain holidays and special occasions that gives us that opportunity.

That is why I wrote this post (you can find direct links above, under the picture). These are some of my favorite bloggers and some outfits that are the perfect inspiration, for the most romantic holiday of the year: Valentine's Day. Now, don't roll your eyes if you don't have a significant other to celebrate. Galentine's Day is a legit celebration and dressing up with all your girlfriends sounds way fun!

And if Valentine's or Galentine's is not your thing, just remember any occasion is an special occasion if you want to dress up and feel prettier than usual: From graduations to date night, baby or bridal showers, a trip to a city you love, baby blessings, weddings, birthdays... the list goes on! Bring back those pretty feminine outfits! 

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