Buffalo Check Dress

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I am now in my third trimester and you can really tell, not only by the growing bump, but also my notoriously growing cheeks hahaha. With all these body changes, it is nearly impossible for me to feel comfortable and pretty at the same time. Probably buying maternity clothes would help, but at this point, I am not looking forward to spend money in clothing I won't be wearing, for more than two months. 

With that been said, I have found some pretty non-maternity dresses that go well with around my belly. This one for example is a medium size, and it actually runs bigger, so it fits more like a large. It is definitely a little loose on me, but it is soft and I can move freely when I wear it. 

I love gingham and buffalo check prints, so this dress is definitely something I would be wearing post-pregnancy. It probably would need some adjustments, but thankfully I know how to sew. But if you are not pregnant, and you get this dress on the size that better fits you, it is seriously a great dress for all seasons, a versatile option for your wardrobe. You just have to accessorize it right, depending on the weather. (Which I will probably do throughout the year, to show you the different outfits I put together with it.)

By the way Happy International Women's Day to all of you reading this post,

P.S. I need an urgent tan... can summer come soon please!