LBD during Pregnancy

A Little Black Dress is a basic staple in every girl's closet and I think this one is a classic! My sister in-law, surprised me with this beautiful dress for Christmas. It has been so nice to wear it around with different accessories. I have wore it with my rain boots, yellow sandals, the black sandals and brown heels I am showing you in this post, and I am waiting to wear it with this cute pink shoes I ordered this week.

I think this dress, is the one dress that makes me feel the prettiest at this point of my pregnancy. Not only is comfortable, and has the perfect length/ coverage for me, but it also has that beautiful feminine touch in the bell sleeves. I hope I can keep using it after I have my baby, because I really, really like it 💓.

I'm curious, how do you wear your LBD and what are your favorite occasions to wear it? What is your favorite-basic item in your wardrobe?

Let me know in the comments!


 Option One: Black Sandals, Navy/Striped Tote Bag.

|| Dress: Similar (This is where my sister in-law bought it from, but they don't have it in black online), also similar  || Shoes: Target  ||Bag: Kate Spade || PC: Kait Hawkins

Option Two: Brown Heels, Hair Bow and Cream Bag

|| Dress: Same as above|| Heels: Old from Target but similar here|| Bag: H&M|| 

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