April' 18 Family Update

I haven't written a family update post in a while, and I really don't know why. Maybe it's the fact that life is busy lately, or that whenever I have free time I want to nap instead of writing, or the fact that sometimes I feel a little hesitant about sharing too much about my family.

But I was looking back at those kind of posts from last year, and I realized how many things I forget, and how nice was to read about and see pictures of our adventures every month. So I'm going to be more committed to my family update posts, since I really don't have the free time to sit down to write on a journal anymore. 

So far this year has been really good and since I haven't write an update for a long time, here are some of the highlights of our 2018 from January to April: After spending the holidays with us, my mom went back to Colombia on January 1st.

The first week was super hard, she helped me so much, played with Thomas all day and gave me company, so our home definitely felt empty and sad. However, after that first week I was ready to go back to my normal routine. Being the one in charge of my house, my family and my life, gives me a sense of purpose and independence,  that I absolutely love and need.

Alex got a promotion at work and I am so proud of all his efforts, and grateful for his hard work, dedication and talents. He takes any chance he has to go golfing or fishing and Thomas loves to follow him in everything he does. So they have a lot of daddy and son time... specially since mommy is so big and tired that she cannot play fun games anymore. He also spends a lot of time making sure that I have everything I need, from food cravings to pillows and leg massages, specially in this last part of my pregnancy. Bless his heart!!! 💓💓💓  

Tommy is also speaking way more fluently, but stills pronounces some words like a baby and I absolutely love that. He will grow a learn how to talk correctly and I want to enjoy his toddler voice and words that melt my heart. He is is in such a fun stage. He has been throwing less tantrums, but still has his temper. He is very independent and loving. Loves to sing, give hugs and kisses, and cuddle up to watch movies. As his dad and grandparents he is obsessed with fishing. He also loves cooking, firefighters, dinosaurs and the garbage truck.

I am now 9 months pregnant. I will be 37 weeks next Tuesday.  I feel huge, tired and super hungry these last weeks! This pregnancy has been definitely harder. I was so active and busy during my first pregnancy and I can barely move around this time. Yet I am grateful I haven't faced any major health challenges (except for that extremely painful kidney infection in the first trimester), and when I hold this baby girl it will all be worth it!

 Extra Facts: 

- My good friend Shelbie is also pregnant and we are only 6 weeks apart. Thomas and her daughter Adi are best friends, and now she is having a boy and I'm having a girl!! It has been so fun to go through this experience together. She hosted my baby shower and I hosted her's (of course with the help of my other amazing girlfriends.)

My baby shower was so pretty and special. I am so grateful for the amazing friends I have made here in Arkansas. The food was so tasty, I had the best company and we laughed and cried together. It really was such a precious day.

-Thomas had his first dentist appointment and he was a champion!!! We were so proud of our courageous boy!

- Easter was the best one so far. Tommy actually understood how the egg hunt works and it was so fun to see him running around, picking eggs  and jumping of excitement. He definitely had too much sugar, and so did we. Tommy got a fishing game in his Easter basket, and I got flowers and my favorite treats in mine...and I forgot to get something for Alex 🙄 #wifefail.

- I went camping for the first time (at 8 months pregnant) and I surprisingly enjoyed. Alex brought an air mattress and my pregnancy pillow to make sure I was comfortable.I am not an outdoor lover, and have always declined his invitations to go camping, but I guess pregnancy hormones make you do crazy stuff and I was excited to go this time. I am still not crazy about it, but I would definitely go again because we had a great family time. ( TMI? Nah! You preggo ladies would laugh about this: Peeing in the bushes while trying not to fall backwards, due to the weight of my big belly was not a fun part of it 😆.)

- We went on a day trip to Kansas City to visit the temple ( learn more about LDS temples here) and my feet, legs and hands started to get swollen real fast as we were there. I called my doctor and he told me to go to his office immediately to run some tests... but I was 3.5 hours away 🙄 so we had to rush back home. We haven't get the test results back, but I am not swollen anymore... yet I was sent to semi- bed rest #boring!

We will see what May brings... maybe a baby? 😜💓



  1. How cute are you?! I love your dress! I need to take my daughter to the dentist for the first time soon...I'm a bit nervous about it!

    And I know what you mean about blogging kind of taking over journaling...I used to be an avid journaler, but since I started blogging, that all stopped, so my blog is basically IT when it comes to a record of our life. I personally love reading personal updates (even on blogs that are in a certain "niche"), so no complaints here!

    1. Torrie I am going to check out your blog right now! The nice part of and "online journal" is that you can add as many pictures and videos you want to complement your thoughts, and that you can write way faster and as moms we know time is gold!

      Also, about the dentist, our boy loved the gloves they gave him and that entertained him the whole time. He refused to seat by himself, so having his dad there was so nice, because sitting with him made him feel more comfortable :)