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Bumpdate: 37 Weeks

I am officially in the last weeks of this pregnancy! I cannot believe that it has been nine months already. I swear that my pregnancy with Thomas felt like it took forever, and this time it flew by.

So far I have gained 33 pounds (insert dramatic emoji face) and I can totally tell those extra pounds are not just on my baby belly... I can see my face, arms and legs looking chunkier, but I have been enjoying every-single-bite of food, so I'll worry about getting in shape when my excuse to overeat is gone.

But chunky or not, I am truly amazed and grateful for my body and the fact that I have the opportunity to create life. Pregnancy is truly a miracle and the human body is so perfect and wise. The more I think, read and learn about it, the more it blows my mind.

Pregnancy has taught me to love and embrace myself in all shapes and sizes. And that is a huge gift to me, because growing up I was never the fit one of the group and I was always filled with insecurities. I honestly feel -at least in my case- that the older I get, the best I feel about myself, and it is wonderful.

These last weeks are so hard because I am so anxious to meet this baby girl. I have been feeling a lot of pain and contractions, leg cramps and I am seriously absolutely out of energy. I am  also an emotional roller coaster and I keep having nightmares, about all the things that can go wrong during delivery. But I think those are things every expecting mom experiences.

The hospital bag and diaper bag are ready. Her little outfits are washed, iron and folded. The bassinet is all put-together by my bedside. And we are all ready for her big arrival. I might have to be induce but I hope for a surprise delivery (like in the movies when everyone starts rushing through the door in the middle of the nigh hahah.)

Major cravings during this pregnancy: Everything sweet: alfajores, sugar cookies with almond frosting, donuts, ice cream, chocolate... I-swear-I-live-by-sugar!!! Ice, lots of icy drinks. Ginger Ale and Chick-fil-A lemonade (again, with lots of ice.) Colombian food, but that is a craving I wasn't able to fulfill. Sea food. Tacos, smoothies, boba tea, horchata, and mayonnaise in everything savory (I know it sounds gross, but it tastes good to me.)

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  1. You really look so beautiful! And 33 pounds is still within a healthy range, so you should be proud of yourself! Personally, my goal this time around is ANY number within the recommended 25-35 lb. range, as I gained 50 lbs. with my first, and it was SO HARD to get off.

    Also, I'm impressed that you still have cute skinny ankles, ha ha. By the time I'm 37 weeks, there is not a chance I'd be posting a pic of my feet in adorable pink heels--because it just wouldn't be as cute when my ankles are twice their normal size! :)

    But really, pregnancy is amazing, and I've been amazed at how much my body can do.