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Welcome Home Emma

Dear Emma Rose Galbraith,

(Born on May 2nd, 2018 at 7:44 p.m./ 7 pounds 2 ounces, 19 inches at the Mercy Hospital in Rogers, Arkansas.)

You have forever changed our lives. You are your big brother's twin. You two look so alike and have so many similar  mannerisms! It blows my mind how genetics work.

These first weeks with you have been both hard and so joyful. It was a big change for all of us. Your older brother had some hard days at the beginning, and it broke my heart to see him struggle, but from day one he has loved you so much.

He is always watching over, making sure you are okay. When you cry he runs to you and sings songs and whispers "you are okay Emma." He shares his blanket with you when so you are always warm, and he is always kissing the back of your head. You sometimes smile back to him when he comes to see you in the mornings. I hope that you both grow to love and support each other, and that special bond you share continues to grow throughout your lives.

We also have been so tired. Between Tommy and you it's hard to have any energy but I know it is all part of the first few months and it is all worth it. You make it up with lots of smiles in the morning, after a long night awake, so even when we are exhausted it's always easy to love you.

I know every other mom says this, but it is hard to imagine life without you in our family. My heart has grown full with love for you and I am so eternally grateful for having the opportunity to be your mother. I miss feeling you in my belly  but I adore holding you in my arms.

All I can say is I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!!! I hope the Lord lets me live a long and healthy life to have the privilege of seeing you grow up, to guide you, to teach you correct principles, to help you and support you. To take you to dance lessons in a little pink tutu, and wipe your tears away if a boy ever makes you cry. I hope I can be the mom you need and I can give you the best of me, so when you grow up, you can have the sweetest memories about your childhood. I hope when you grow older, you always want to come back visit and share your life with your siblings, your daddy and I.

 I am just so excited about of sharing every part of this road with you by my side.

I love you forever,



Side Notes: 

- I recovered really fast this time around, so it didn't take a lot of effort to get out of bed and put make up on for the pictures. But oh boy was I swollen! It is amazing what a woman's body can do and every single detail about pregnancy, birth and post-birth blows my mind! I now burst in gratitude  for all the incredible things my body has done for me.

- I brought thank you cards to the hospital to give to the amazing nurses that helped me. They truly do all the hard work and I was lucky to have sweet and kind nurses with both Tommy and Emma. When I had Tommy I wanted to go back and bring them a treat for nurses, but I got busy, forgot their names and never end up doing it. I am glad this time around I was prepared. Alex wrote down the name of every nurse that helped me and I wrote the thank you notes before leaving the hospital.

- I was in  active labor around 12 hours and pre-labor or false labor with very hard but irregular contractions for almost two weeks. We got to the hospital on May 2nd at 5:30 a.m., started Pitocin at 8:00 and my doctor broke my water at noon. I started to feel pain and got an epidural shortly after that. I wasn't making any real progress for a while. It took from noon until 6:40 to dilate from  a to a 3 to a 10!

I started to feel horrible cramps my sister in law visited us. I was in so much pain that I could no stand the voices and the conversation Alex, her and her husband were having in the room. I felt like a total jerk but when they asked me if they should leave I answered "please" hahaha. As they left the room I called for the nurse and she checked me. I told her I felt like I needed to push and she confirmed that I was at a 10. She rushed to get everything ready as I cried from  pain, which is ironic because I had an epidural. I'm sure it is not even close to the pain of giving birth without anesthesia.  I only pushed a few times, for about 15 minutes before Emma joined us on this side of the veil.

- Funny/not so funny coincidence: with both my babies I had complications at 36 weeks (gallbladder with Thomas and symptoms of preeclampsia with Emma) and another woman screaming our loud while giving birth, in the room next to me!

Tommy Meets Emma

The morning after I had Emma, Alex brought Thomas to meet her for the first time. I really wanted to capture his reaction and have some family pictures taken while in the hospital with our baby fresh from heaven. I'm so glad I did because these are a treasure for me. Every time I look at them I get all the feelings and memories from those first hours.

Our photographer was Lauren Gonzales @lovelars I highly recommend her if you live in the NW Arkansas area. It was nice having a photographer capturing every moment naturally, without having to pose too much or take the pictures my self. I was able to enjoy the moment and be present. Best investment ever!

||We got Tommy a present from Emma that she gave to him at the hospital. (Throughout all my medical appointments during pregnancy, he showed a lot of interest in everything the doctor did, so we got him a basic doctor's play set and he loved it!) He immediately opened it and started checking Emma to make sure she was okay -he still does it when Emma cries and we tell him that she is sick of her stomach (colic)-. These pictures were some of my favorites from that day. ||




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  1. These pictures are so precious! A great investment, indeed! And I'm a bit relieve to hear that my toddler was not the only one who struggled hard with that transition at first (though mine also loved the baby from the beginning--she just resented the lack of attention on her). I loved reading this, as it mirrored a lot of what I've been going through lately, too. Here's to us both adjusting to this new life as families of four!