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Emma Rose Baby Blessing

On Sunday June 24th, 2018 Emma Rose Galbraith was blessed in our church. We were so lucky to have Alex's dad with us, and also a big group of cousins visiting. It was a very special day for us. We felt so loved by those around us and felt so grateful for the place we live in, the life we have built here and the friendships we had made while living in Arkansas. 

Emma wore the pretty dress I made a few years ago for a children's clothing class that I took in college. Making a blessing dress was a requirement and I hoped one day I would have a girl that could wear it. Well, my wish came true! And the best part was that I had added some tiny roses to decorate the dress, not knowing I would name my baby girl Rose, seriously what a coincidence! 

The dress was a little big on her and I had to hand-sew it the day before (I didn't do a sharp job fixing it, but most people didn't notice haha) but it all work out and she looked so beautiful and delicate in it. She also wore a pretty white bow that my best friend Shelbie made for her. 

It was raining in the morning when the whole family was together so we didn't take good pictures. But the sun came out when we got home from church, so we took turns to take pictures with Emma before we changed our clothing and that is why we don't have a family picture together (Lesson learned, I need a tripod.)

We also had a very small and simple celebration for Emma. Our family and friends came to our apartment and we had some sweet treats, cookies and milk (Emma's favorite food 😉.) I love decorating a hosting events, and now that I have a little girl it is hard to not find a excuse  to celebrate her, decorate all in pink, dress her up and take a million pictures of her. 

We love you Rosie girl, 


-My Most Precious Blessings Call Me Mom-

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