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Tommy Turns Three

Our sweet Tommy turned three last month! He actually understands now what a birthday party is and he was SO excited for his "birfdhay" cake and presents. I wish we have all our family members close to celebrate with them, but thankfully we have an amazing group of friends and two of his cousins here, and they helped us made his day so special. 

Alex is not into birthday parties but I'm all about making the birthday person so loved, important and extra special. So, the night before his birthday I decorated the dinning table  with his stuffed animals and balloons and he was allowed to eat cookies for breakfast. 

We have made a tradition to sing to him the birthday song when we wakes up, but since his birthday was in a week day this year, the poor boy didn't get to sleep in... Alex had to go to work so we had to wake him up early... or maybe HE decided to wake up early this year and WE woke him up last year... I'm not sure because the lack of sleep has been affecting my memory and attention oops! (that's why journaling or blogging is so important, you forget things and details with time.) 

Anyways, we sang to him like three or four times because he loves blowing off the candles! (he loves that part so much, we have to keep him away from blowing them during other kids birthday parties.)

I also love having a theme for each party. He has been requesting since last year an Octonauts cake (one of his favorite shows,) so this year we had a "fishing-octonauts party", which was really simple and put together last minute -procrastination is my middle name lately- but he really enjoyed it. 

p.s. I made the balloon garland and the cake and I want to brag about it!😉

And since I haven't been very good at keeping family posts consistent, here are some pictures of his birthday celebration last year. The actual party theme was "pool party," but these pics are from just a mini celebration we had on his birth day. It is so cute to see how much they all have grown! It blows my mind how much things can change in just one year. Like, last year I had bangs and this year another baby 😂

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