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By now you probably know I'm a lover of good deals and pretty things...well if you didn't know, now you do.

When I decided to start looking for decorations for Emma's room, I knew Etsy was the right place. I love Etsy because it supports hand made goods, local workers and small companies. Most of the Etsy shops I have found and loved, are owned by women and/or full time moms and I am their biggest fan! I know really well the amount work that a small business carries and how hard is to compete with the big industries. And that's the reason I am sharing a post about this shop today.

I found  Poppy and Jake while searching for wall art. I was captivated by the charm and simplicity of their designs and how affordable their prints are. Lucky for me we ended up doing a collaboration!!!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that llamas are very trendy and I absolutely love them. I think they are perfect for a girl's room or nursery. When I think about llamas I think cozy, soft and cute and that fits my ideal design for Emma's nursery/room. That is the reason I chose that little llama, which Michelle -the owner of Poppy and Jake- kindly customized to fit the color palette I wanted. She is the best 💓.

The other design I chose was print with her name, which you can customize to your child's unique  name or nickname and you can pick the color you prefer, so it works for both boys and girls. I love dots and pink... so that was an easy choice for me.

 -To clarify, we live in a two bedroom apartment and have no real plans of buying a house soon, so when I mean her room I mean her little shared corner (she would share a room with her brother... which makes it even more challenging to decorate ha!) As small as the area is, that is her space and I want to slowly gather all the elements I like, to make the best out of it and to make it really girly and special.-

There is still a lot of work left before I can say I finish both Tommy's and Emma's sides of the room but I like the way things are coming together and I am really happy with my prints. So, if you are looking for some wall art for babies or kids check Poppy and Jake. You would not be disappointed!

If you want to see more of Michelle's designs you can visit her Etsy Shop here or follow her on Instagram here.

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  1. She is so cute ! Love all the decor ! ✨

  2. Eli Addy tiene la misma Llama en su cuarto!! Me encanta!!!