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Fall Festival 20.18

Halloween is probably my second favorite holiday of the year. My friends make fun of me because I seriously start thinking about costumes on January hahaha, and I give suggestions about their future costume ideas even when they don't ask me about it... I know annoying, but I can't help myself.

The one Halloween party I look forward the most is our church ward's Fall Festival. Every year there is a chili and pie competition, costumes contest, trunk or treating and games, and it is honestly the best! I have so much fun seeing all our friends and their cute families wearing their costumes. Each year our group of friends grows bigger and they get more and more creative with their outfits.

This year we decided to have Peter Pan as a theme for our family costumes. I made all of them (except for mine, "Wendy," since my friend Charity saved my day and lend me her beautiful dress) with lots of love, felt, a couple of basic t-shirts and tons of hot glue. I think this year has been my favorite one. I love the way Alex's Hook costume turned out and I am specially proud of that one. Emma and Tommy looked so adorable, I could eat them hahaha... I think we did pretty awesome this year, except for the fact that Tinkerbells fairy dust AKA glitter was everywhere, and one week later we still have glitter all over our heads.

By the way... we won Best Costume this year! I'm not really into bragging but I'm  making an exception this time 😜

Here are a few pictures I took at the party this year, hope you enjoy them!


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