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Goodbye 20's


I have been wanting to write one of the many poetic deep thoughts that I get late night when everything is quiet and I can’t sleep, but sadly I haven't been able to put those thoughts intowords for this post. So I decided to keep this post fun and share 29 random things about me:

1. I grew up in a small town. But I had nothing to envy from a  big city. At least in my mind, my childhood was the best time ever. I  like to joke about it and call Ibague a mini Hollywood. If you are from my town would you agree?

2. I was way chunky in high school and all my friends were the hottest thing, so it was way hard to feel completely confident, specially during such a strange stage of life. If I could give advice to my  young self it would be: Enjoy your friends more and don't worry about boyfriends, at that age they don't really matter, and please learn how to style you hair! You have amazing hair and you should not have bangs unless you are going to style them daily! 

3. I wasn't hot but I was way fun 😂😂 and I loved dancing and singing  and enjoyed every single party we had. Those were such fun years and I consider myself lucky because in general we had a safe group of friends and a safe environment compare to what you see around for teenagers nowadays. (omgosh I sounded like an old grandma🙊.)

4.  My husband is the best at everything. I am grateful for how much he has helped me grow and the life we have built together. Having someone you love and knowing you can trust them and feeling safe and loved is the greatest gift God has given me. 

5. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am a Christian and I strive to honor my religion and my Savior daily. 

6. When it is warm outside, there is a mild breeze and the night sky is full of stars shining I feel like I am back in my country and I feel so nostalgic about it. 

7. I am a very nostalgic person, but not always in a sad way. I think nostalgia can bring a sense of comfort and gratitude for all those people,  places, feelings, things and memories you cherish and hold close to your heart. 

8. I don't drink alcohol. I actually haven't drink any alcohol for about nine years now. But whenever I feel like getting fancy and having a refreshing  drink I mix orange juice, ice and sparkling cider!  

9. I hated the idea of moving to Arkansas and I was so mad with Alex our first week here. But turns out I love it here and I have never felt more at home. We truly have been so blessed with the group of friends we have here. I don't even want to imagine how hard it  is going to be moving out when it’s time for grad school. 

10.  I always wanted to make videos but I am just starting to learn how to do the whole recording and editing thing. They look so silly right now but I'm sure I'll get to the level I want to be with videos and those memories I am putting together are going to be priceless in a few years. 

11. I love photos. I swear I see the world as if I had camera lens connected to my eyes. Everywhere we go  I can picture the perfect shot. 

12.The crunchy sound of walking on fresh fallen snow brings me joy. 

13.Cloudy days and rain in the summer make me happy. That breeze and smell of summer rain is sooo good!

14.  I would love to live close to the beach. 

15. Water is my element. I LOVE TO SWIM.

16.  I am a Costeña frustrada.  I always wanted to have the accent of the people from the coast of my country and their dance skills! 

17. Mango con limon y sal is my favorite Colombian snack. (Mango with salt and lemon) 

18. Becoming a mother was the hardest yet greatest experience I've ever had. I get so giddy about reminiscing their birth days. It was painful but so beautiful and exciting and full of adrenaline. 

19. I hate highs. I am absolutely scared of highs. 

20. I like sewing but only for-myself. I am actually pretty good at  it. 

21. I don't like doing groceries! That and folding laundry are  the most boring things  ever. 

22. I lost of one my best friends in a car accident when I was 16. It was the hardest thing I had gone through at that age. I still remember her birthday and the day she passed away every year and I still have dreams with her and it is such a sweet thing. I can't help to wonder what would be of her life if she was still with us. 

23. I still have a box full of letters and pictures from my group of friends in high school. Although I don't see them often I keep them close to my heart. 

24. Loyalty and honesty are very important values to me. The older I get, the more I learn that not everyone is meant to be in your life forever and that is ok. I try to keep the good memories intact and move on when someone I loved or considered my friend fails at those values. 

25. My sister is my best friend. My mom too. But I get to joke around more with my sister hahaha! I love them and I am so glad my mom forced us to be friends since we were little, because I know I can always count on her, not matter what. 

26. People think I am crazy because I want more kids, but I firmly believe that although it is hard and you have to make sacrifices when you have more than one or two kids, siblings are the best gift I can give to my children. 

27. I am so short (5'1'') but I am awful with heels so I can't help myself 😥.

28. My favorite color is pink. I also love white and blue. 

29. I love halloween and dressing up. I actually start planning our costumes from the beginning the year because I have the hardest time choosing something, and by the time October comes I am always running late to finish them. 

About the Birthday Celebration this Year: 

-The night of my birthday I asked Alex to tell me 29 things he liked about me. It was so sweet to hear him saying all those pretty things (he actually said more than 29) and the best ego booster/ pick-me-up I could have asked for. 

-On my actual birthday I had  a couple accidents, including burning my hand with the dishwasher, and I was so annoyed about it.  However, after a day filled with love messages, a surprise lunch, tbt photos and the yummiest dinner surrounded by loved and familiar faces, I felt pampered and so so lucky! 

-The weekend after we had a little celebration with our group of friends here in AR and we had so  much fun. We got some group pictures, and pictures of the kids because these are the days to be capturing all those precious memories (the group keeps growing with all the new babies and it's harder to get them all to smile at the same time.) 

-My sister-in-law made my cake and it was this delicious chocolate cake... she really loves healthy food and when she volunteered to make it,  I specifically asked her to make sure it wasn't healthy 😂because I don't care about having too much sugar on special celebrations (or ever... I love sugar!) Well, it turns out that after we all ate the cake and told her how much we loved it, she confessed that it was made out of black beans and applesauce!!! 😮My mind was blown away. Like how in the world can beans go in a cake and actually taste good. I mean, kudos for you healthy foodies  (Mianna) transforming the way we eat. 

-I got plenty of other cakes, chocolate bars, and cupcakes... I love desserts so freaking much! But I don't like baking that much...  so it was the best to be so spoiled on my birthday because I didn't have to make them, nor pay for them hahah

-My friend Tarin gave me the cutest gifts on the cutest bag! She knows me well and I loved how every part of that present was put together thoroughly. 

-My cousins-in-law surprised me with such a good lunch party and I really wasn't expecting them to put so much work unto it because they just had a baby the weekend before! I am blessed with the best people ever! 

Here is a little clip I made:

Thank you for reading this long post and part of this journey!


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  1. This is such a sweet post! Birthdays can be filled with emotions but at the end of the day, it marks the beginning of another exciting year that lies ahead. Happy Birthday to you! XO!