A Meaningful Easter Week

I found out about the Small Seed last year right before Easter Week and I wrote a post about it , you can read it here. But I want to write about it again because I think it is important to share things that can actually make our family lives better.

The Small Seed is an online community that shares resources for believers. Their Easter program comes ready with stories, songs, scriptures, pictures and activities for each day of the week,  and a big poster that you can print in the size you prefer or as individual pages.

Photo by Carolina Ochoa Lindsay

Honoring our Savior and teaching our kids about the significance of this week is very important for my family. The Easter Week program that the Small Seed shares for free, is ideal to have meaningful interactions as a family, teach little kids in a fun environment and it really is so easy to put together.

The package is available for free in both English (here) and Spanish (here). Let me know if you use it in the comments here on in my Instagram! I want to know your opinion about it and if it makes a difference in your family, like it did in mine during this Easter Celebration.

Happy weekend friends,


My Photos: Lacey Placey Photography.

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